9 Stunning Ladies Watches For 2022

Accessorizing is an important part of looking good. From neckpieces, and earrings to watches, you can really never have enough accessories for every occasion. So, if you have been planning on adding a few watches to your collection, here are some of the stunning pairs to begin with:

1. The Bike Lock

This slender and elegant bike lock will get you nostalgic about your childhood biking days. Well, it comes with unique bike lock bars to give you a unique look wherever you go. Plus, its stainless steel case gives it longevity.

2. The Birdy

Built from the finest components, this lady's watch is all you need to start your day on a brighter note. It’s chic, light, and stunning in every way. Also, you will love its timeless stainless steel look that will get you looking good on any occasion.

3. The Melon Baller Detrola

If a bright watch case is what you want, this Melon Baller watch will give you that and much more. It comes with a bright mint case, a beautiful petal pink strap, and a lovely ecru dial. So cute for your fun-filled days.

4. Diamond Petoskey Book

Love a classic look on you? Get this diamond-inspired ladies to watch. It is so polished and stunning, that you wouldn’t want to take it off. Also, you will love the micro gold plating finish. Such great value for money.

5. The Bike Lock 20MM

The combination of gold and black gives these ladies watch a gorgeous look. It sparks warm feelings at first glance, and would easily become one of your favorite picks for everyday wear.

6. The Birdy 34mm

This double wrap whiskey leather strap ladies' watch is one of a kind. It’s uniquely beautiful and will get you standing out in any look. Also, it’s made from potent materials to guarantee durability.

7. The Birdy Mesh Bracelet Watch

When you feel like trying something simple, yet classic and gorgeous, this mesh ladies' watch fits the description. It’s so meticulously made to give you value for money.

8. The Canfield Sport

This timepiece will introduce you in so many spaces, you wouldn’t even have to utter a word. Its top case proudly showcases a sturdy construction to ensure it serves you for long. Plus, it features a stainless steel case with a matching blue ceramic for a cute look.

9. The Canfield Sport 40MM

This peak performance ladies' watch is a must-have for those formal and informal meetings. It gives you such a classy way to make a statement. So sporty and stylish.