9 Pieces of Shapewear and Functional Layers That You Will Love!

Shapewear and functional layers have a very functional role. Many women use them and as science and technology improved in the fashion and textile sector, so has the shapewear segment. We now have shapewear and functional layers that are considerably more comfortable to wear and that sit well beneath regular clothes. What is important is for you to find the right type of product that you feel comfortable with.

9. Leakproof Nursing Tank

The leakproof nursing tank is the kind of shapewear that you can wear during pregnancy. Made from a soft yet stretchable material, the tank is easy to wear. Its adjustable straps ensure that you can properly fit it while the leakproof cups keep you safe from unpleasant situations.

8. Love Your Shape-Wear Kit

If you are looking for a complete set, the Love Your Shape kit includes everything that you would need. It comes with shaper shorts, bodysuit, and shaper brief. All of them have anti-slip edges and fit comfortably to prevent inflammation.

7. Papaya Bodysuit

The Papaya Bodysuit is one of the few pieces of shapewear and functional layers that come with a thong. This makes the bodysuit completely invisible when worn beneath tight clothes such as a pair of jeans or leggings.

6. Good to Go Seamless Tank

The Good to Go seamless tank is the kind of shapewear that you can wear as-is. It is meant to hold your upper torso and was designed for medium-impact activities. Because it is made using a thicker fabric than regular shapewear, the seamless tank can also be worn at the gym, or while working from home.

5. High Rise Shaper Short

The high-rise shaper short solves several problems at the same time. Designed to cover the upper thighs and the abdominal area, the shorts are extremely versatile. They can be worn beneath a dress or even beneath tight-fitting clothes such as a pair of jeans.

4. LuxeLift Bodysuit

Designed as a single piece, the LuxeLift bodysuit is the king of those pieces of shapewear and functional layers that can be worn as is. It can be used as a regular swimsuit or as a body shaper beneath regular clothes. The floral pattern gives it a distinctive and appealing look while the stretchable fabric used ensures a comfortable fit.

3. LuxeLift Slip

Not everyone feels comfortable wearing a pair of shapewear shorts. For those women, the LuxeLift Slip was designed. Its shape and comfortable fit ensure that you can move freely and eliminates any kind of issues that shorts would cause.

2. Shaper Bodysuit

If you are looking for traditional models of shapewear and functional layers, the Shaper bodysuit might prove to be ideal. Designed as a one-piece shaper, the model is made using a thin yet durable fabric that can stretch without feeling suffocating.

1. High Rise Shaper Short

The High Rise shaper short is one of the best options if you want to manage just your thighs, hips, and abdominal area. Using a breathable and durable material, the shorts ensure a perfect fit while remaining invisible even when worn beneath tight clothes.