Best Wrangler Men’s Jeans To Watch Out

Wrangler Men’s Jeans

Men’s jeans are one of the staple clothes for men. It can be paired with a sweater during the cold season or a white shirt for a weekend walk. Wrangler has been a top brand in providing men’s jeans since 1947 and it has not changed to this day.

A wide range selection of men’s jeans designed with comfort is available on Wrangler that can be worn for a long time. Below is the list of the best men’s jeans that can be bought on Wrangler:

1.Regular Fit in Stonewash

A classic piece from Wrangler, this five-pocket jeans is perfect for casual style. It has a straight leg fit that fits on the natural waistline. Made from cotton material, it provides the everyday comfort of casual styling.

2.Cowboy Cut in Bleach

For a full-blooded cowboy, this type of jeans is essential. Designed in 1947, it has all the details that are associated with how cowboys represent their culture. This durable jean has been a staple of cowboys for more than thirty years.

3.Souvenir Jeans in Black

Inspired by rock and roll, these tapered-leg jeans have a five-pocket design perfect for everyday wear. Another bonus pocket of these jeans is a pocket for a guitar pick.

4.Rockstar Relic Jeans

Styled on a regular fit, it also has a pocket for a guitar pick, and paisley pocketing. The distressed detail shows the vintage feel of these cotton-made jeans. It features the collaboration of Wrangler and Fender that celebrates style and its iconic sound. Also made from cotton, it provides comfort perfect for rock and roll superstars.

5.Indigo Tapered Jean

These slim-fit jeans can be worn casually or in the office. It has the original detail of every Wrangler jean - the “W” stitching. Its classic design is perfect for a masculine look. It can be paired with a white shirt for a more relaxed look.

6.11MWZ Jeans

These jeans in golden gray color have all the original Wrangler details and the tobacco stitching. It creates a slimmer look since it fits above the waist. The design was originally from Wrangler’s rodeo concept, but it is still versatile as when it was first released.

7.Cargo Jeans

The cargo jeans from Wrangler have a different look from the other designs released. It has extra pockets for the essentials. Even with two hip pockets, it is versatile and comfortable to wear every day.