9 Moss Jackets You Must Have In Your Closet

Are you looking for the perfect men’s jackets that will match a special occasion? Check out this unique Moss Bross Collection:

1.Slim Fit Chestnut Jacket

This Slim Fit by Moss London is a double-breasted men's jacket. This type of Jacket will emphasize your shoulders with a touch of a vintage look. Because of this, it doesn't look like you are showing off your build. It is also lightweight and a perfect style during the autumn season.

2.Slim Fit Camel Velvet Jacket

Just like the Chestnut Jacket, this one is caramel in color and single-breasted. However, its black-colored flap that adds a modern effect makes it different and unique.

3.Slim Fit Fuchsia Donegal Tweed Jacket

Its modern color would be perfect for a person looking for a creative men's jacket to flex at formal events. Its made with a contrast undercollar and printed lining.

4.Tailored Fit Blue Velvet Jacket

Unlike the slim-fit suits, this one is single-breasted. It won't emphasize your shoulders because its flaps are much smaller, making only a single row for buttons. So if you are more comfortable with a fit that hugs your abdomen part, this Jacket is for you. It also comes with straight pockets and a double back vent.

5.Tailored Fit Black Velvet Jacket

This men's jacket is also single-breasted. If you attend a formal event, its deep-black tone will complement the occasion. One thing that is unique about this suit is its four-button cuff. Because it is made from 100% cotton, it is advisable to use it only for dry cleaning.

6.Tailored Fit Grey Check Suit

Its maker calls it the "1851's Performance suit" it is available in grey with a light checkered lines pattern. It is recommended for mature businesses men.

7.Tailored Fit Oatmeal Linen Suit

This type of men's jacket is preferable for active young men. It is made from a pure-linen material which gives off a breathable feeling. Moreover, its white-oatmeal color is pretty in demand too.

8. Tailored Fit Dusty Blue Linen Sui

Because It's Made Of A Light Blue Color, Pairing It With Either A Black Or White T-shirt Can Make You Look Smart. This Is Perfect For Casual Or Formal Events. There Would Be Times When You Won't Need To Iron This Type Of Jacket. Just Hang It After Dry Cleaning, And It Would Be Good For The Go.

9. Slim Fit Forest Green Db Sui

This Double-breasted Jacket Is Made From Wool-mixed Yarns. It Has This Unusual Forest Green Color That Is Rarely Used For Suits. This Is Friendly To Wear Because It Also Has a A Double Back Vent Aside From Its Material Being Breathable Already.