8 Best Rugs to Lookout For.

If you’re a DIY home design enthusiast, you know rugs are an important part of the process. But no matter how experienced you feel you’re, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with rug selection. This is because there are different types of rugs available, and with different price tags.

To help make your work easier, we give you some of the best rugs to consider in your purchasing process.

1: Wall Rug, Follow the Rainbow

Made of 80% wool and 20% cotton, this wall rug is easy to clean, given that you only have to spot clean only when necessary. It comes with a wooden stick for easy hanging, and the rainbow-themed color arrangement will add color to your wall.

2: ABC Round Washable Rug

You can never go wrong with a round rug, especially in the children’s room. The vintage blue/natural color is perfect for a neutral space. Besides, the best way to teach them about shapes, and letters A-Z. It’s also soft to touch and washing machine-friendly.

3: Mini City 3-D Activity Mat

Children love to play. And this Mini City 3-D Activity Mat allows them to have fun while boosting their overall well-being. Let your mini enjoy a tour in the city streets of this European Child Protection Standards Certified rug, with their favorite toys.

4: Azteca Natural Washable Rug

Art is intriguing to both adults and kids. So, if a pattern-inspired vintage feel is what you’re looking for, this Azteca machine-washable rug might be all you need.

5: Monstera Leaf Washable Rug

There is always something striking about having bits of nature indoors. This Monstera Leaf rug is the best way to showcase your love for the tropics within your space. It’s an ideal addition to your, study room, sunroom, guestroom, or even porch area.

6: Leopard Rug

You might not visit the game reserves all the time, but you can sure bring a little touch of it to your home. This leopard rug is made of 80% wool and 20% cotton, making it soft to touch. It’s also easy to clean since you only need to either vacuum or spot clean it.

7: Botanic Plants Washable Rug

Step right into the outside with this botanic plant rug. It’s a beauty in any space all year long. The rug is ideal for bedrooms, kids ’rooms, porch, and even living room. You can even add it to the sunroom to brighten your day.

8: Clouds RugCycled Washable Rug

Go to cloud nine with this clouds rugcycled rug. It comes in a natural color making it easy to complement most interior decors. It’s made of a soft non-dyed natural cotton pile, for a snuggly feel.