7 Extremely Luxurious Laptop Bags

Laptops have become an essential part of your job. So, you need the right bag to fit your laptop. The below list contains 7 laptop bags that have stunning designs. These bags are easy to carry and they are perfect for laptops. So, follow the list.

1) The Edgemont

The bag is made of polyester and foam and it weighs only 2.2 lbs. It can hold a 13-inch laptop. Apart from that, the bag has a bottle pocket and other pockets. So, try it.

2) Hanover Deluxe (two)

It's an extremely stylish bag with a 3D front pocket. The bag can carry a 15-inch laptop without any problem.

3) The Seville Tote

This tote may not look like a laptop bag. But, it has a large and deep front pocket. The tote has an inner shell. So, keep your gadgets safely inside this bag.

4) O.G Laptop Bag (two)

This is a lightweight travel bag with lots of pockets. It has an external laptop pocket and you can keep a 13-inch laptop inside it.

5) The Beacon

The design of this bag makes it a perfect bag for daily use. It's a suitable bag for carrying tablets and APPLE laptops. Hence, grab it.

6) Seville Shells

If you want to change your bag's look, then you can try this shell. It's a good-looking external cover for your tote bag.

7) The Rowledge

It's a convertible backpack and the bag comes with an attractive design. You can travel or go to the office with this bag on your back. The bag has a nice laptop compartment. So, it's a stylish backpack for commuters.

The 7 backpacks are made with lightweight and durable materials. The bags have a good shine and they look luxurious. Therefore, read the list and pick a laptop bag that you like.